Gospel Reset: Salvation Made Relevant

Gospel Reset: Salvation Made Relevant, by Ken Ham, 2018, 128 pages, reviewed by Pastor LaMont Bonath.

This is a new challenge for the Christian church. Most Christian parents and church leaders have not discussed with there children or members how to defend the Christian Faith against secular attacks. Thus when children and church members hear people outside the church making negative statements about the Bible or the Christian church they do not know how to respond. Over time these negative statements begin to raise personal doubts about God's Word. Why is this so? Consider this point of view, at church, students and adults are taught about Jesus and other stories whereas at school, they are taught what they have been led to believe is the real history of the world in regard to genealogy, biology, and so on. Thus the reality is people are progressively conditioned to see the Bible as dealing with morality and salvation, but they are taught "real history" at secular schools. It is a gradual movement from a Christian world view to a secular humanist religion. So states Ken Ham in his book Gospel Reset.

Do we need to teach and practice Christian Apologetics in our churches to counter secular humanism in society?

What are your thoughts?

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