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The most popular and enduring arts-related activity in the United States is choral singing. Twenty-eight point five million people sing in one or more of about 250,000 choruses. There may be scientific reasons for this: Singing, particularly in groups, makes people happy.

Singing releases endorphins, the feel-good chemical of the brain—and choral singing has the greatest pleasurable effect. In one study, choral singers on average expressed greater happiness than the general public, even when those singers were carrying greater burdens than the average person not singing in choirs.

Another benefit of choral singing is based on the fact that it's a social activity, which gives a sense of belonging and combats loneliness. Singing is an essential part of any worship service.

The psalmist wrote:
By night may a song be on my lips, a prayer to the God of my life!
Psalm 42:8

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