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Will Rogers used his humor to uncover a variety of human short comings and social injustices. Will did this in two ways: first, he wanted the public to be aware of the facts of an idea or situation; second, he wanted people to use common sense by weighting the situation or the idea with values such as honesty, selflessness, hard work and love of neighbor. He used his gags to help people experience a kind of self examination. Will's style was to appear as an uneducated cowboy. He then began with one direction of thought and then abruptly change direction.

Humor used properly can accomplish many things. I believe we need a bit more humor or the ability to laugh at our short comings and faults. If God wants us to enjoy life; then consider humor may not have been designed by God to wound or belittle someone. Maybe it was meant to get our attention. Then direct us to engage in a kind of spiritual self examination.

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