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In some of devotionals which appear on this web site I will be talking about the many roles of the teacher from the perspective of Christian education and public education.

Teachers perform many roles in the classroom. After a busy session with paint, poster or collage materials the teacher may feel the role of janitor is most fitting.

The Teacher as Friend

Another role a teacher can assume is that of being a friend to the student. We are not talking about a buddy-buddy relationship. We are emphasizing the personal, caring , loving, being with relationship that is important for persons to be able to communicate and grow with each other. Reflect for a moment on the teachers you have had as a student in the church or school. What makes you think of them as friends?

Some of the responses I have heard are as follows:

We had an opportunity to get to know them outside of class.

They were interested in things we were interested inn.

They really listened and cared about what we had to say.

I am sure you could add more from your own experiences. The point is Teachers have a chance to be remembered by the students they teach as persons who are their friends.

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