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Family systems theory is based on the belief that the family is a natural social grouping. Every individual functions within some large ecological unit, and for most people it is the family. A family system is a complex patterns of various parts working together for its existence and survival of some greater whole. A family system is a group of complex behaviors and ways of functioning that family members believe necessary in order for the family to survive and preform its tasks. Put another way, the family can be directly described as a system of interdependent relationships engaged in change and adaption and geared to the growth and support of each member.

It would follow that any attempt for the church to reach out to families must address the family as unit. This is difficult in a society which the individual is celebrated. However, there is a growing awareness that if education is understood as a life long process then the family as a unit of society must be involved. On a very basic level, what happens to one family member has an impact on all the members of the family.

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