Devotional Thoughts

Let us pray.

God, we pause to acknowledge your presence here with us; to remember your dream for us is abundant life — a life that is filled with joy, love and peace.

Lord, we are grateful for dedicated Americas who molded this nation into a land of the free and the home of the brave, a country for all people.

Those who passed the torch of liberty to us invested much of themselves in personal sacrifice. They gave energy to help their neighbors build homes. They gave food to feed those who lost employment. They gave their time to encourage the sick. They provided a place of rest to those who were homeless. Father, you have blessed us beyond the simple necessities of daily life. Grant us a clear vision of the needs of the poor. Help us emulate our forefathers by sharing our wealth with those less fortunate than ourselves. In so doing, we pass on to others the hope of opportunity and the encouragement of a caring nation. We know that is in giving we speak most clearly of our faith and patriotism. Bless us and guard our country. Amen.

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