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Holy People Holy Spaces

Solomon built the Temple and dedicated it to the worship of the Lord. By his actions, Solomon defined sacred space. Are there special places where we might encounter God or are all places equally sacred? Certainly the community of faith needs a place to worship.

Consider this, the Temple was destroyed because of the sins of the people which defiled this holy space. Based on my understanding of I Kings chapter 8, it is my belief there can be no holy place without a holy people. What do you believe about a holy people and their holy spaces?

Based on 1 Kings 8:22-23, 27-30, 41-43

Father Figures

Elijah was a father figure for Elisha. Elisha realized he would soon be without the man he admired. More than anything, "Elisha wanted to be the older man's spiritual heir. He desired what his spiritual father had; he wanted to carry on the work Elijah had begun.

Maybe contemporary fathers should reflect on should reflect on 2 Kings 1:1-12. What kind of an inheritance should they leave their children? Wouldn't it be wonderful if our children wanted nothing more than a double portion of our spirit? What do you think?

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