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Angels in the Classroom

A teacher of third graders with her husband would pray at each desk before the start of the school year. They would pray God would place an angel behind every child to watch over and protect the children in this third grade class.

A month later the children were engaged in a writing exercise focusing on what they wanted to be when they grew up. During this exercise one child raised his hand and asked the teacher to spell the word mighty. After telling him how to spell the word. She asked him why he need to know. He stated when he grew up he wanted to a mighty man of God. One of the students next to this student asked what was a mighty man of God. The teacher gave the child permission to answer the other child's question. A mighty man of God is one who puts on the armor of God and is a soldier for God.

As the teacher turned away with a lump in her throat, the little boy motioned for her to come to come closer to him with his forefinger. He then whispered to her, and asked her a question, Did she believe in angels. She told him yes. The third grader then asked her if she thought people could see angels. She thought some people probably could. Then the child said he could see an angel standing child in the classroom.

Do you believe in Angels?

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