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Protestant evangelist Tony Campolo gave a talk called "The Kingdom of God is a Party", which was later published as a book by the same title. Here are a few excerpts.

In Chapter 14 of Deuteronomy, we read every year all Jewish families came to Jerusalem and brought with them 1/10 of all the money they earned that past year. And it was blown on a party.

Everybody was invited. The lame, the blind, people who did not have any means of income, the widows and orphans. There was singing, dancing, and a lot of food. Who wouldn't want to go to church if church was meant to be a party?

According to Deuteronomy, church was meant to be a party.

God is a God who loves parties. He is a God who loves celebration. To all of us who are down, beaten, tired, and sad, He says, Come with me, we're going to have a party.

Jesus says the same thing. When asked what the Kingdom of God was like, he said The kingdom of God is like a wedding reception. A party.

Christians should be people who create fun and joy wherever they are placed.

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