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A man knocked on Karen's door and offered to cut her lawn for forty dollars. Halfway through, his lawn mower broke down.

He knocked at her door again and asked for partial payment. "I'll fix the mower and come back," he said.

"How can I know you'll come back?" she asked.

"You can't," he said. "You'll just have to trust me."

She decided to risk twenty-five dollars on the man's keeping his word. The next day went by; he did not return. She felt foolish for trusting him.

The day after that, he returned and finished the job, just as he had said he would. Trusting others to keep their word is a risk we must take every day in our own relationships. There is the human tendency to be wary when persons ask us to trust them. However, it is wise to risk our trust—even when there are no guarantees. This is how relationships get built.

God trusted humanity by sending his son to us. Are we willing to trust God in a similar manner?

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